Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring, also known as layered wood flooring, is manufactured by bonding together various layers of wood. This process of integrating materials such as plywood or high-density fibreboards gives it high dimensional stability. Laid and glued perpendicularly, movement between the boards is also minimised. 

The top wear layer or lamella is made from real hardwood. Given that the topmost layer of engineered wood flooring is made of natural timber, it will exude the same warmth and luxury as authentic solid wood flooring. 

At Floorrich, the range of colours and stains of engineered wood flooring with either a smooth or textured surface offered includes:

  • American Oak Natural
  • American Oak White Wash
  • American Oak – Ebony 
  • American Oak – Midnight Black
  • American Walnut

Benefits of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring 

  • Durable

With its high dimensional stability, it has structural strength and stability, preventing expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. There will thus be a reduced risk of bending or creaking even when installed in places with high walk-in traffic, making it a good flooring to invest in.

  • Affordable

With layered wood flooring, you will be able to experience the exquisite texture, feel, and look of real solid wood. Since only the top layer is made of luxury solid wood, this flooring option will not break your bank.

  • Eco-Friendly

Floorrich specialises in offering eco-friendly flooring. Our wood flooring is manufactured from ethically sourced materials. 

  • Comfortable on the Feet 

This naturally sourced material feels extremely comfortable to walk on. The top layer gives it the natural bounce that one will experience while walking on natural wood, making it an ideal flooring to have installed in places like your bedrooms and living rooms where comfort is of utmost importance. 

Engineered Wood Flooring for your Property in Singapore – Get in Touch

At Floorrich, we offer a range of engineered wood flooring for homes in Singapore. Each plank is unique with its own graining and texture. Available in various colours and finishes, our range of flooring will suit any home interior design style. 

Browse through our range of flooring options. Alternatively, contact our consultants to enquire about our flooring supply and installation services in Singapore.

Flooring Projects 

Need inspiration? Take a glimpse into some of our flooring projects. 



Color Range

Floorrich Engineered American Oak White Wash wood for residential or commercial flooring

American Oak White Wash

Floorrich Engineered American Walnut wood for residential or commercial flooring

American Walnut

Floorrich Engineered Ebony American Oak wood for residential or commercial flooring

American Oak – Ebony

Floorrich Engineered American Oak Midnight Black wood for residential or commercial flooring

American Oak – Midnight Black

Floorrich Engineered American Oak Elegance Oil wood for residential or commercial flooring

American Oak – Elegance Oil

Floorrich Engineered Jatoba wood for residential or commercial flooring


Floorrich Engineered Hickory Nature wood for residential or commercial flooring

Hickory Nature

Floorrich Engineered Coffee Brown wood for residential or commercial flooring

Coffee Brown

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