Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

One of the most popular flooring choices amongst HDB homeowners today is vinyl flooring. Available in tiles, sheets, and planks, this is a versatile flooring option that is highly durable. Not just in HDBs, but vinyl flooring is also used in commercial spaces across Singapore

Why is Vinyl Flooring Ideal for HDB Homes

Vinyl is a relatively new type of flooring, favoured by homeowners for its high resilience and durability. It is also relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain, and install without involving any complex procedures. Its list of benefits includes:
  • Water Resistant
Due to the absence of any wood or natural fibres, vinyl flooring is extremely water-resistant. This means that it can be installed in places that are exposed to moisture, such as the laundry room. Even when exposed to dampness, spills, and humidity, it will not swell or curl. This property also makes it easy to maintain. A simple wipe down would suffice in keeping it free from stains and dirt. 
  • Durable
Made of polyvinyl chloride chips, the compressed layers provide it with dimensional stability. Due to this, it is extremely durable and can withstand changes in temperature and humidity without bending and shifting. 
  • Affordable
Compared to other flooring options made from natural materials, high quality vinyl flooring available in Singapore is affordable. You can get your desired flooring design at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Range of Options
Customisable to replicate the look of natural materials such as wood, cement, or stone, you will be in awe with the range of options offered. Available in an array of styles and colours, you will certainly be able to find the one that suits your home interior design.  At Floorrich, the range of colours and styles of vinyl flooring in Singapore that we offer include:
  • FLR017 – Sallows
  • FLR014 – Seabed
  • FLR015 – Breaker 
  • FLR016 – Maritime 
  • FLR002 – White Oak 
  • FLROO4 – Rocky Mountain 
  • FLR003 – S’Peter Oak 
  • FLR005 – Caramel Syrup 
  • FLR006 – Ontario Oak Mocha 
  • FLR007 – Cyprus
  • FLR008 – Ontario Oak Midnight 
  • FLR009 – Sand Oak
  • FLR010 – Natural Oak 
  • FLR011 – Grey Oak
  • FLR012 – Light Grey Oak
  • FLR013 – Saw Blade
  • FLR018 – Golden Leaf
  • FLR019 – Grey Leaf
  • NCS007 Cyprus
  • NPD212 Light Apple
  • NPD211 Yellow Acicia
  • NPD207 Espresso Walnut
  • NPD206 Cinnamon Oak
  • NPD205 Mocha Walnut
  • NPD202 Autumn Rustic
  • NCS024 Sand Oak
  • NCS023 White Oak
  • NCS022 Light Grey Oak
  • NCS021 Grey Oak
  • NCS020 Espresso Walnut
  • NCS019 Natural Oak
  • NCS014 Coffee Grey
  • NCS013 Kingsbridge Oak
  • NCS011 Ontario Oak Midnight
  • NCS010 Ontario Oak Mocha
  • NCS009 Rustic Light Brown Oak
  • NCW010 Ontario Oak Espresso
  • NCW004 Ontario Oak Latte
  • NCW003 Ontario Oak Cappuccino
  • NCR001 Bleached Pine Latte
  • GF088
  • GF087
  • GF086
  • GF085
  • GF084
  • GF083 – Cement Matt
  • GF081

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At Floorrich, our team of flooring installation specialists offers excellent workmanship in HDB vinyl flooring installation in homes across Singapore. As one of the top suppliers of eco-friendly flooring in Singapore, we assure clients quality flooring that will deliver in terms of design, appearance, and functionality.  Browse through our range of flooring options, and gallery of residential and commercial projects for clients across Singapore. Contact our consultants at (65) 6462 2939 or at to get a quote on quality vinyl flooring for your home in Singapore.

Flooring Projects

Need inspiration? View some of our flooring projects.  

Chevron Design: 5mm x 450.60mm x 907.80mm

Floorrich Golden Leaf Novalis luxury vinyl with chevron design for residential flooring

FLR018 – Golden Leaf

Floorrich Grey Leaf Novalis luxury vinyl with chevron design for residential flooring

FLR019 – Grey Leaf

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