Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a relatively new type of flooring, favoured by homeowners for its high resilience and durability. It’s also relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain and quick to install without involving any complex procedures.

Wooden Design: 5mm x 171.20mm x 1212.60mm

FLR002 – White Oak

FLR004 – Rocky Mountain

FLR003 – S’Peter Oak

FLR005 – Caramel Syrup

FLR006 – Ontario Oak Mocha

FLR007 – Cyprus

FLR008 – Ontario Oak Midnight

FLR009 – Sand Oak

FLR010 – Natural Oak

FLR011 – Grey Oak

FLR012 – Light Grey Oak

FLR013 – Saw Blade