SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) Flooring is considered a new generation of floor covering. The main contents of SPC core are natural stone powder, polyvinyl chloride & stabilizer which combined by a certain formula which provides a very stable composite material. It is an upgrade & improvement of regular luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

Amber Spc: 2G click system (1220mm x 180mm x 6.5mm)


AMS-6515 All Blacks

AMS-6514 Vintage Oak

AMS-6513 Penza Oak

AMS-6512 Mountain Grey

AMS-6511 White Sand

AMS-6510 Stained Oak

AMS-6509 Silver Lining

AMS-6508 Euro Oak

AMS-6507 Northern Oak

AMS-6506 American Walnut

AMS-6504 Champagne Light

AMS-6505 Russian Oak

AMS-6503 Icy Grey

AMS-6502 Duxton Grey

AMS-6501 Snow White

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