Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl  is a new type of highly resilient flooring in the market and it is easily obtainable and durable. It’s also relatively inexpensive, which is why it’s a favourite for many homeowners. Vinyl installation can also be quick, since it doesn’t involve any complex procedures – just like laminate flooring.

FLR017 – Sallows

FLR014 – Seabed

FLR015 – Breaker

FLR016 – Maritime

FLR002 – White Oak

FLR003 – S’Peter Oak

FLR004 – Rocky Mountain

FLR005 – Caramel Syrup

FLR006 – Ontario Oak Mocha

FLR007 – Cyprus

FLR008 – Ontario Oak Midnight

FLR009 – Sand Oak

FLR010 – Natural Oak

FLR011 – Grey Oak

FLR012 – Light Grey Oak

FLR013 – Saw Blade

FLR018 – Golden Leaf

FLR019 – Grey Leaf