Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl  is a new type of highly resilient flooring in the market and it is easily obtainable and durable. It’s also relatively inexpensive, which is why it’s a favourite for many homeowners. Vinyl installation can also be quick, since it doesn’t involve any complex procedures – just like laminate flooring.
Properties NOVALIS : SENECA 5mm
Luxury Vinyl Floor EN 649 Heterogeneous PVC
Lacquering Semi-matte Particle Lacquer
Designs Wood
Size EN 427 6.74″ x 47.74″
(171.2mm x 1212.6mm)
Box 8 pieces / 1.66SQ.FT
Weight EN 430 1.36kg / piece
Thickness EN 428 5,0 mm
Wearlayer EN 429 0,55 mm
Classification EN 685 23,31
Fire Classification EN 13501 Bfl-S1
Slip Resistance DIN 51130 R9
EN 13893 DS
Weargroup EN 649 T
Residual Indentation EN 433 6 Grade
Thermal Conductivity DIN 52612 0,02 m2 k/w
Electrical Conductivity EN 1081 app 1011 Ohm
Castor Chair EN 425 Yes, Type W
Floor Heating Yes, max. 27o
Colourfastness ISO 105-B02 m> 6 Grade

NCW010 Ontario Oak Espresso

NCW004 Ontario Oak Latte

NCW003 Ontario Oak Capuccino

NCR001 Bleached Pine Latte

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